Entertaining kids in the throes of winter

So, is anyone else tired of winter? Longing for flowers, grass, OUTSIDE TIME!?!?


Well so are we! In order to counteract some of that boredom (and to turn off the TV, which has been turned on way too much in my house), I’ve found some really neat activities to get your kids moving, thinking, and interacting!! The web is full of great (and inexpensive) ideas guaranteed to entertain the whole family.

From making ice grow to “melting” your hands, Lemon Lime Adventures has 20 super cool ideas to get everyone into the chilly spirit.

A super easy art project from Natural Beach Living is ice painting. Simply freeze storage containers with water, pop them out, and paint with watercolors! There’s no painting left behind to hang dry, but you can capture a few pics of your kiddos creations before they melt. Lots of play time with easy and quick clean up.

ice paintingThe kids and I spend many hours playing with the traditional version of play-doh, making silly cakes and cookies, food for babies, and animals to create our own zoo. But we have a new version to try out! Frozen Foam Dough!!! Also from Natural Beach Living, this is almost too easy. You take a 12 oz. box of cornstarch and mix it in a wide tub with a 10 oz. bottle of shaving cream, then freeze for a couple hours. What a great way to create an indoor version of snowy fun!

These are just a few examples, but Pinterest is full of enough activities to keep your kids going and going and going the whole winter long, so turn off the TV and get playing!



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